EHRLE SmartWash SmartWash PLUS

SmartWash/SmartWash PLUS

Self-service car washes 1 bay, cabinet version outdoor electrically heated

Suitable for petrol stations and commercial car wash facilities

The SmartWash and SmartWash PLUS 1-place self-service car washes are ideal for areas with limited space, as a supplement to smaller filling stations, for vehicle care at company fleets or car repair shops. It is a perfect addition to normal everyday business, e.g. at petrol stations or car repair shops. The device housing is completely made of stainless steel and offers maximum corrosion resistance against external weather influences. The housing is equipped with a highly efficient insulation and can be installed at outside temperatures down to -25°C. Clear and customer-friendly operating elements offer all customers easy handling. The SmartWash is an economical and easy to use, compact EHRLE 1-place self-service washing machine. The system guarantees a safe and modern vehicle wash. Thanks to the brushless technology of the ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder®, mixed in the high-pressure jet, dirt can be removed quickly and effectively.

Two device series with different system variants

The SmartWash and SmartWash PLUS appliance series are available up to system variant 6. The standard version of the plant is equipped with a water softening system and is also available as a Smart-Wash PLUS version with a reverse osmosis system, which enables a spotless drying result. The washing water is heated by an insulated large-volume electric boiler with 12kW heat output. The SmartWash systems are equipped with 4 standard washing and maintenance programs as standard. Optionally, there is the possibility to combine the self-service system with additional programs. The SmartWash appliance series are available up to system variant 5 and the SmartWash PLUS appliance series up to system variant 8.

Interesting extension options

The units can be supplied with various wash place equipment such as attached wash boom with 4x1.5W LED unit lighting and separate pole for floor installation. With the option wash gallows a light intensive wash place lighting with 2x30W LED (2400 lumen) is included in the scope of delivery. Attachment possibility for ceiling or double ceiling gyroscopes and 2 different wash place equipments, provide for an orderly washing operation without annoying hose crossings.

EHRLE SmartWash SmartWash PLUS

SmartWash/SmartWash PLUS with standard delivery

SmartWash/SmartWashPLUSinstandardversion.No wash station equipment is included in the scope of delivery. The wash place equipment can be adapted variably.

SmartWash/SmartWash PLUS with system bracket

SmartWash/SmartWash PLUS with attached stain-less steel wash booms with 4x1.5W LED lights. In this accessory program, the HD-hose, as well as the HD-washing place equipment, is integrated. Only pos- sible for system variants 1 and 2.

Floor booms for SmartWash or other systems

SmartWash/SmartWashPLUSwithseparatemastand washing gallows for floor installation. Integrated wash place lighting LED 2x30W. Possibility for mounting ceiling or double ceiling gyroscopes and 2 different wash place equipment.