Technical requirements

Technical requirements for EHRLE self-service car washes

1. The license approval incl. preparation and input transaction of all required plans and verifications/qualifications are to be done by the construction responsible person. All plans and works have to be done with the supplied technical information

2. All brick-layer, concrete, and drain work as well as all works concerned from downstream upper-edge wash-bay have to be carried out on the construction site and are not in EHRLE's responsibility unless otherwise agreed. Bearing-Areas (Dowel-Areas) are.

3. All architectural works, stress analysis of the steel construction, and the provision of the reinforcement plan of the wash slab have to be done by the construction owner.

4. Free entry and easy access on a fixed ground prepared for the use of a fork-lift truck or a heavy-duty delivery vehicle have to be ensured during delivery and installation.

5. The installation by EHRLE will start as soon as all brick-layer- and concrete work is finished and when all energy supply lines and waste-water connections according to local authorities are finalized.

6. During the installation and assembly it has to be ensured that electricity and water are supplied FOC during the time of installation. Required electrical supply: min. AC230V (Fused 16A slow-blowing)

7. For the initial operation all EHRLE specified media connections (Water, waste-water, electricity, gas, fuel) have to be finalized and in place.

  • Water-Connection: 

Number of washbays2345678
Water m3/hour1,72,33,44,05,15,86,5

  • Water-Pressure: 4 - 6 bar (min. flow-pressure 3,0 bar)
  • El. Connection: 3 ACN 400V 3-phase current / 50 Hz
  • El. connection: 
Number of washbays  2345678
P1 in kW - In in A 12kW-30A 15kW-35A 23kW-63A 26kW-63A 34kW-100A 37kW-100A 42kW-100A

8. During delivery and assembly a Fork-Lift Truck with a lifting height of min. 375cm  - or a crane - has to be supplied FOC to the construction site of the CarWash.

9. All connection works such as Electricity, Gas Water, and Fuel, all insulation, additional heating, supply-heatings, or heating plants and their initial start-up has to be done by local and authorized companies.

10. High-Pressure Pipelines for installation in the existing buildings will be only supplied for standard operation unless separately ordered. All additional HP pipelines are to be made to EHRLE's specifications.

11. A smooth-running installation and assembly during the agreed time period have to be ensured. In case of any disturbance and delay caused by problems on the construction site such as other craftsmen, failure of media connections, etc. due to bad preparation

12. In case of an installation of the Modules into a Technic-Container/Building the room has to be big enough, good to be air-conditioned, protected against frost, and equipped with a sink.

13. Built-In Parts (such as frames of the Control terminal) have to be ordered at least two weeks prior to the planned installation from EHRLE.

14. The supply line for fuel or gas for Burners has to be designed according to the regulations of the Manufacturers.

15. For installations during winter-time (frost-period) the technic-module or building has to be heated to avoid damage caused by frost.

16. Manufacturing and connection of waste-water drains and especially the connection of the oil-separator have to be done according to DIN 1999.