EHRLE ModulLine

CarWash ModulLine

Self-service washing systems for 1-12 washing bays Module version for the technical room, or on-site rooms - a product with high-end technology 

The modular system ModulLine

The ModulLine series is based on a modular arrangement of the individual technology units. All ModulLine modules are supplied centrally via separate media lines, such as freshwater, soft hot water, osmosis water, or antifreeze water. Each ModulLine unit is controlled by an independent PLC. The SIEMENS PLC control system is housed in a separate control cabinet. The integrated 7-inch or 12-inch (at extra charge) TFT touch screen monitor gives the investor access to all information on the important parameters of the self-service CarWash system and provides detailed financial information on income and turnover.

With the ModulLine equipment series, self-service carwashes with up to 12 wash stations can be set up very easily and economically.

Technical Equipment

The ModulLine technology modules are installed on a stainless steel frame in a clear and service-friendly manner. A MicroPowder dosing station with a 25-liter storage container and 2x10 liter liquid dosing is an integral part of the system, as is an electrical control terminal. The ModulLine systems are equipped with 4 standard washing and care programs as standard and are available up to system variant 10. (For further details, please refer to pages 39 to 43)

The equipment modules can be combined with all EHRLE hot water heating systems and can be connected to all EHRLE payment systems as well as Central- Pay technology.