EHRLE SoftFoam

Pre-cleaning with SoftFoam

with SoftFoam lance or with SoftFoam brush

Pre-cleaning with SoftFoam

To achieve an optimal cleaning result, Fahrzeugoberfläche is pre-sprayed with a highly effective active foam concentrate. EHRLE offers various high-performance products, which differ in cleaning power and fragrance. The right soft active foam for every application.


When an active foam program is selected, the water output at the washing lance is reduced by 70% and a precisely preset foam concentrate in a mixing ratio of 1.0 - 2.5% infinitely variable is added to the high-pressure jet.

This application is extremely economical and prevents too large foam quantities on the vehicles. The car wash customer can spray his vehicle all-around with SoftFoam without stress, without excessive demands, and targeted at the areas with stubborn dirt.

The EHRLE Soft Active Foam gives dirt no chance and creates a previously unknown cleaning result and a perfect foam look with the smallest dosage and little water consumption.

By using the soft-active foam, the customer extends his washing times by an average of 30%, receives impeccable cleanliness, and the self-service car wash operator gets a higher washing turnover.

SoftFoam lance with SoftFoam

The active foam medium with a precisely pre-dosed amount of SoftFoam is fed to the SoftFoam lance via a separate high-pressure pipe system. According to Bernoulli‘s law, a dynamic pressure drop is created via the high-pressure switching pistol and an air injector. This pressure drop is below atmospheric pressure and therefore sucks in air completely free of charge and mixes it with the active foam medium. The larger the amount of air, the better the foam formation. The EHRLE SoftFoam-System is the most efficient and wear-resistant system. In addition, a downstream turbulence chamber achieves a perfect foam pattern. This system has a very simple design and has no moving parts, making this technology particularly robust, low-maintenance and versatile.

EHRLE SoftFoam lance

SoftFoam brush with SoftFoam

No matter how you or your washing customers want to use the active foam program, you can choose between the SoftFoam lance and the SoftFoam brush. Depending on the philosophy touch-free or with a washing brush, the EHRLE SoftFoam system creates a sensational foam look never seen before and spreads a pleasant scented atmosphere in the wash box while reducing product and water consumption at the same time. A certain additional turnover is generated by longer washing and care times. You win new customers by increasing the attractiveness of your location with guaranteed cost-effective installation compared to other foam systems available on the market. So make your own choice!

EHRLE SoftFoam brush