EHRLE ModulLine

Multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner

The overall concept of a self-service car wash also includes powerful vacuum cleaners Multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner

Multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner

The incoming air stream is first rotated as in the single cyclone vacuum cleaner to separate the larger dirt particles. Then the air is accelerated again and a second „cleaning stage“ is carried out with another cyclone. Due to the smaller diameter of the second cyclone, the air is set into a much higher rotational speed, which also allows the separation of finer dirt particles. 

With the EHRLE multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner the size of the separated dust particles is reduced so that with many cyclones the central filter can be omitted. This also eliminates the need to clean the central filter and prevents loss of suction power, even during heavy use.

Overhead hose system

A simple handling of the suction hose and thus no contact with the ground is guaranteed, which results in less wear and tear and less contamination of the suction hose and the suction nozzle. A large, lateral suction hose holder is used for storage.

Option: INOX

  •  complete device housing made of stainless steel, surface ground
  •  Stainless steel suction pipes 180° rotatable
  •  Stainless steel dirt tank