Condition Monitoring

Monitoring and control of the self-service installation as well as business management evaluations with the EHRLE app  

Condition Monitoring 1 basic version

In the basic version of Condition Monitoring 1 (CM 1) all plant-relevant data can be read out on site. Via a 7“ TFT touch-screen monitor the settings can also be changed very easily. The following selection areas are accessible: Systems Settings Finances Parameters Software Service The data can be accessed via EHRLE Remote-App and a GSM or WAN/LAN modem (option), from any location and viewed on your SmartPhone, Tablet, or PC.

Condition Monitoring 2 (Option)

In the configuration level Condition Monitoring 2 (CM 2), all relevant system data are additionally displayed on a high-resolution 12“ TFT touch screen monitor. Via a GSM or WAN/LAN modem and a VPN connection via EHRLE App, these can be called up at any location and clearly displayed on your SmartPhone, tablet, or PC.

With this expansion stage, the following data are also monitored:

  • Freshwater pressure
  • Washing media printing
  • Osmotic water pressure
  • Frost protection circuit pressure

The media pressure monitors constantly monitor the system pressures of the freshwater inlet, osmosis, antifreeze, and washing water. Sensors immediately report a defect or fault in the system with the date and time. This is stored in the error memory and is a valuable aid for service.

The entire system processes and the function of all system components can be seen on a graphically animated user interface in the online view and immediately indicate system faults graphically and with text notes.

Condition Monitoring 3 (Option)

In addition to the advantages of the CM 2, the Condition-Monitoring 3 (CM 3) version additionally monitors the pressure of all high-pressure pumps independently of each other and displays them on an analogue display. All storage tanks for chemical additives and the ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder are level-monitored and clearly displayed. The system operator can get an impression of the washing and care product quantities at any time.

Systems General

The presentation SYSTEMS GENERAL provides an overview of all relevant main systems of the EHRLE SB-CarWash system. Antifreeze, floor heating, water softening system, reverse osmosis system, filling quantities of all tanks and containers, temperatures, and heating capacity of the hot water boiler. The fill quantities are displayed both in digital and analog form. All system components are displayed in real-time and animated on the TFT screen. A simple display logic, derived from the avionics of modern cockpit systems, allows all operating conditions to be easily recognized and analyzed even by personnel who are less interested in technology. 3-color rule:

  •  White: System is out of operation and on standby
  •  Green: Currently in operation and OK
  •  Red: There is a technical problem in this line

Washing bay systems

The Systems WASHING FACILITIES overview shows the entire self-service car wash in the respective operating states, separated according to wash bays. After customer payment has been made at the selected wash bay, the WASHBAY ON field is activated. When the customer selects a program, the selected washing program becomes active and the field e.g. WPRG 2 is displayed. 

This display enables the investor to recognize and react to the washing behavior of his customers anonymously and without violating the DSGVO. This is especially useful for time intervals for the happy hour washing times or when changing washing and care products. Furthermore, idle times or the blocking of a washing bay can be detected simultaneously. It is a good feeling to know what is currently happening at the washing bay. This data can also be called up via a GSM or WAN/LAN modem and a VPN connection via the EHRLE App, at any place and time and can be clearly displayed on your SmartPhone, tablet or PC.

System hydraulics per washbay

The page SYSTEMS HYDRAULICS PER WASH BAY provides information about the technical sequences and operating functions at the selected wash bay. The currently selected wash program is displayed in the upper area and the hydraulic diagram below shows the system components. In this view, the media flow and the switching positions of all solenoid valves and pumps can be followed. Here again, the already mentioned 3-color rule applies. Even the opening and closing of the washing lance at the washing bay are displayed online. 

Manipulation or incorrect operation by the washing customer is quickly detected. This overview is indispensable for the analysis of technical faults and the service technicians can trace component faults online and provide targeted remedial action. The EHRLE remote maintenance department can also view these system displays in the event of a malfunction and provide rapid assistance via remote maintenance. On a separate page in the lower right-hand area, all operating states or malfunctions are stored again in analog form with date and time.

Password protected

The washing turnover of the self-service car wash can be read out via PASSWORD-PROTECTED access. Similar to a SmartPhone, a 4-digit access code is used to unlock the ECONOMICS pages and grant detailed access. Every wrong entry is stored and with the 3rd wrong entry, the ECONOMICS system is automatically blocked for any further access. Access can be restored via a factory unlock code and a new password can be assigned. Only the operator knows the password, even service technicians cannot open the system.

Total turnover washing plant

The ECONOMIC TOTAL overview shows the total washing turnover of the sb-washing system. The recorded washing transactions are added and displayed separately. A distinction is made between the respective cash transactions in different currencies, by cash (CASH), CarWash key (KEY), tokens (JETONS) and credit card payment (CARD). When the transactions are disclosed for tax, the cash receipts, separate from virtual payments to other POS, shall be indicated therein where they have been made. A continuous average calculation (ACTUAL AVARAGE PER DAY) over the entire life of the sb washing system shows current trends and developments on which an investor can immediately rule.

Turnover per washing bay

The ECONOMIC BAY page is an information page for the system operator and provides information, separate from the total turnover, about the washing turnover at the individual washing bays. Thus, trends of the washing customers are quickly recognized and can be reacted to in a targeted manner. The turnover at the self-service hoover stations can also be viewed and evaluated. 

These turnovers are displayed at different time intervals:

  •  current day
  •  current week
  •  current month
  •  current year
  •  total total

In connection with the continuous average calculation (ACTUAL AVARAGE PER DAY) over the respective time intervals shown above, short-term, medium-term and long-term developments can be analysed and valuable sales-increasing measures and customer programmes can be developed, e.g. washing in the rain at a special price, or when paying with credit cards and key-loading with advertising discounts with washing time addition, or similar.

Opening hours

The SETTINGS OPENING TIMES page provides information on the operating times of the self-service car wash. Different opening times can be entered for each day of the week, which are stored in the permanent memory of the control unit. In the event of an unforeseen power failure, all data is retained. 

In addition, the permanently stored opening time intervals can be changed for 24 hours at a time using quick-dial keys without affecting the opening times as a whole. This function is an important aid, especially on public holidays, to put the system out of operation for 24 hours or to release the system unplanned during events without overwriting the basic programming. 

Also during opening hours, a time interval with a happy hour can be set, in which the washing times can be extended in percentage terms for the amount paid, according to the operator‘s specifications. This function can be selected on normal low-turnover days to increase the washing turnover on those days in particular. This data can also be called up and changed via a GSM or WAN/LAN modem and a VPN connection via the EHRLE App, at any place and time.

Chemical dosing -  Temperatures

The overview SETTINGS - DETERGENT - TEMPERATURE - TIME shows the set values for

  •  Chemical dosing MicroPowder dosing
  •  Paint protection UltraProtection liquid dosage
  •  Glossy dry SuperFinish liquid dosing 

and the start temperature for the antifreeze circuit and the underfloor heating. The washing water temperature can also be infinitely adjusted. All values are entered in digital form and are made available and stored in the main control system for all washing bays simultaneously. 

A multiplier can be entered for the happy hour, which increases the washing time per amount of money. 

Via EHRLE App, all data can be called up and also changed.

Washing times and currency

The SETTINGS - CREDIT page shows all relevant settings for the calculation of the washing and vacuuming spaces. The time value for the smallest sales value per currency or token is entered here. The self-service washing bays and self-service hoover bays can each be set with different price-performance amounts. After setting, the values are transmitted online to all washing and care stations. 

Even for the users of the CarWash Keys (loyalty systems), different time values can be set for the smallest sales values. EHRLE has thought of everything to increase the operator‘s turnover and to make car wash customers enthusiastic about bonus systems.