EHRLE RimCleaner

Rim cleaning

with EHRLE RimCleaner

Rim cleaning with EHRLE RimCleaner, made easy

More and more car wash customers attach great importance to perfect and thorough rim cleaning. In the past, washing customers brought their own rim cleaners in spray bottles and used them at the self-service washing bay. Sometimes also illegal, acid-containing products, which can cause considerable long-term damage through acid attacks on the wash plates, rims, and brake systems. This is now the end of the matter. EHRLE has developed a new technology that guarantees excellent cleaning results with minimal chemical consumption (approx. 20ml / rim). The RimCleaner is acid-free and biodegradable. With the additional program of rim cleaning, the washing turnover is increased by up to 30%.


An additional pre-spray device is installed at the washing station itself, which is supplied with RimCleaner concentrate via a separate low-pressure system in the technical container. An additional rim cleaner program selection button is located on the customer service column, which activates the program for a freely adjustable period.

The rim cleaner concentrate is simply sprayed onto the rim with the pre-spray device. After a short reaction time, the rims are cleaned with the washing program „Clean“ and shine again with a new shine. The further sequence of programs also gives the rims paint protection and preserves them. The rim cleaner is based on an alkaline formulation and does not damage the rim or the washing area.

EHRLE RimCleaner

1. Dirty vehicle rim

Vehicle rims, especially aluminum rims, are particularly susceptible to soiling from brake dust abrasion and the usual road soiling from abrasion of vehicle tires. In particular, high temperatures create an almost insoluble film of dirt, which cannot be removed even by mechanical cleaning. The longer a rim has not been cleaned the more difficult it is to remove the dirt.

2. Apply RimCleaner

In the first step, the EHRLE RimCleaner is applied to the rim by a pre-spray device with an even spray mist. On the rim, the RimCleaner produces a neon-yellow-green foam development and unfolds there the intensive cleaning power. This should act for 1-2 minutes until the foam has dissipated and signals the end of the dirt removal process.

3. Wash off RimCleaner

After the reaction time, the product with the detached rim dirt is cleaned with the washing program Clean. The wash customer can combine this process directly with the washing of the vehicle.

4. Clean result!

The result is a shining, clean vehicle rim from which even the most stubborn dirt deposits have been removed, making it an extraordinary customer magnet for any system.