EHRLE ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder

Brushless Cleaning

with ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder

The challenge

The big challenge in car washing is that high-pressure washing alone can only remove the visible and coarse dirt on the car surface. After removing the dirt, a film of dirt or grey haze always remains on the paintwork, which can only be removed by contact with brushes, textile or foam strips, cloths, or similar. It is inevitable that fine particles of dirt remaining in the brushes, sponges, or wiping cloths will scratch the paint and thus damage it.

ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder

The EHRLE ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder removes the dirt film by direct mechanical contact of specially developed fine MicroPowder pellets, which are applied to the surface to be cleaned by means of a high-pressure gun with a special ceramic nozzle Oberfläche. The product is extremely gentle on the material, leaves no residues and also has an additional corrosion protection component. The EHRLE ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder was developed by the experts of the EHRLE chemical department especially for the use at self-service car washes and has been consistently improved, developed further and constantly adapted to the changing environmental protection conditions over the years.

MicroPowder dosing with globoidal screw and stainless steel agitator

Chemical dosing level with MicroPowder dosing and liquid chemical dosing