EHRLE detergents

EHRLE provides a full range of products and services, including carwash cleaning and care products. Using our more than 60 years of experience, we produce and provide our customers with the highest quality detergents, which contain only the highest quality raw materials.

ActivePower MicroPowder INEX

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ActivePower MicroPowder PLUS

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ActivePower MicroPowder XP

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SoftFoam INEX

PricePromotional price
900EHD-A10 litri38,0032,14
925EHD-A25 litri86,9073,73
960EHD-A60 litri201,00170,77
901EHD-A6 x 2 litri69,0057,92

SoftFoam PLUS

PricePromotional price
600EHD-A10 litri59,0049,33
625EHD-A25 litri139,00116,36
660EHD-A60 litri327,90274,60
601EHD-A6 x 2 litri95,9079,93

SoftFoam XP

PricePromotional price
800EHD-A10 litri42,0035,42
825EHD-A25 litri96,0081,18
860EHD-A60 litri224,00189,59
801EHD-A6 x 2 litri89,9075,02


EHRLE UltraProtection

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310EHD-A10 litri82,0074,96
301EHD-A6 x 2 litri119,00108,72


EHRLE SuperFinish

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410EHD-A10 litri64,9059,57
401EHD-A6 x 2 litri99,0090,72


EHRLE RimCleaner

PricePromotional price
806EHD-A15 x 0,5 l114,00104,22
820EHD-A20 x 0,5 l129,00117,72
850EHD-A10 l20,9019,97